About #PostCircle

#PostCircle is a global penpal project for people who are keen to reignite the lost art of letter writing and bring smiles to others through ‘happy post’.

Started in February 2013, #PostCircle currently stands at over four hundred members. Each participant is placed in a group of six, or a ‘circle’, all sending one another letters, postcards and paper messages of general cheeriness. Each circle is named after a British bird or animal and the project contains members from eight countries… and counting!

#PostCircle is run by me (Annee) with the help of three lovely volunteers known as the #PostCircle Angels; Debbie, Claire and Helen. Each Angel looks after a different part of the joining process.

{This is how it works:}

1. Email us with your full name at hellopostcircle[at]gmail[dot]com. Claire will send you a short survey to fill in. By sending back the survey you agree to the #PostCircle rules as listed below (and on your survey).

2. I (Annee) don my sorting hat and organise members into circles of six and give each circle a name. Where possible I try to match general interests.

3. When your circle is ready Helen will email you with all the details. You will be given the name of one person to whom to send your first post. After that you can post to whoever in your circle you wish and as often as you wish, but this first step ensures everyone receives some post and gets things started.

4. And that’s it! When you join #PostCircle you also become a member of the wider #PostCircle community. You can see what other members are posting using the #PostCircle hashtag on Twitter and Instagram, look out for announcements on the Facebook and Twitter page, and you’ll also receive my monthly #PostCircle email letter, complete with #PostCircle Star of the Month award.

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