I haven’t heard from anyone in my circle for a while. What do I do?

Sometimes people just get busy. When things go quiet we suggest these three steps:

Send a friendly email round your group. Their email addresses are in your group details email (or email us and we’ll give them to you). Emphasise that you’re still really keen on writing to them and that you’d like to keep the circle going. Try to be understanding – often people leave writing so long they are then embarrassed to start up again, so be gentle with them!

Send out some more post. Often just receiving a lovely letter or postcard is enough to make people remember why they joined in the first place and hot-foot it to the nearest desk to write back.
If you still get no answers, send us an email and Debbie will send an email round the group.

I’m a keen bean! Can I join more than one circle?

Yes you can! Lots of members join more than one group within #PostCircle. We recommend that you don’t join a second until you’ve got a well established first group – we don’t want people jumping ship and joining new groups willy nilly after all – but yes - we’ll give you as many penpals as you can genuinely cope with.

I’m under eighteen. Can I join?

No, sorry. We have one member where her mum emailed us and asked if her sixteen year-old daughter could join, and I agreed on the basis that her mum monitors the incoming and outgoing post closely, but to be honest, this isn’t something I want to encourage. I can’t do background checks on everyone joining the project, nor can I control what they send one another, so I’ve decided this project is for adults only.

That said, some #PostCircle parents have set up post swap schemes for their (albeit much smaller) children via Twitter. Their kids exchange letters, drawings, sweets etc. This is a great idea, but that would be up to yourself and another parent you feel you can trust to organise.

I’ve got a great #PostCircle story to share! Can I tell you about it?

Please do! It’s amazing how many coincidences and connections have popped up through this project. If you’ve made a lovely new friend, been moved to happy tears by a letter or perhaps #PostCircle has helped you through a difficult period in your life, I like to feature such stories in the #PostCircle newsletter, so please get in touch! We’d also like to hear from you if you have a recommendation for #PostCircle Star of the Month. hellopostcircle[at]gmail[dot]com.

What if I experience bullying or bad behaviour?

Ours is a positive and caring postal community. But as I said above, we do not take responsibility for the behaviour of the people who join; we cannot interview them or do background checks. If you experience unacceptable behaviour from one of your group we suggest that you tell us so that we can remove them, and that you stop writing to them.

Can men join?

Absolutely! #PostCircle has always been open to men and women.

What happens to my details when I join #PostCircle?

Your address and email address are stored in our password-protected database. Only myself, the Angels, and your fellow circle members have access to these details. We use your email address to subscribe you to the #PostCircle newsletter, from which you can then unsubscribe at any time. We never, ever give out your address or any other details to anyone else. If you leave #PostCircle Debbie deletes your details from our records.

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