#PostCircle Rules

{If you are interested in joining #PostCircle then welcome! But we ask you to read through these important rules first…}

When you join #PostCircle you will gain five new pen pals. Members often tell us that these friendships really enhance their lives, but being a member demands a certain amount of your time and a dedication to creating and nurturing new friendships. If you doubt you will have time to regularly write letters, please reconsider joining.

In joining you agree that myself and others in your group will have your address, and you theirs. I promise that we will not use your address for anything other than #PostCircle (ie, selling it to nasty spammy marketing companies) and you agree to the same.

When you receive some post it’s time to send something out. You don’t have to post to the person who sent you post, you can send it to anyone in your circle. And don’t panic and think you have to post something that day!

Please write #PostCircle on each piece of post you send.

You can of course leave #PostCircle any time. Just email.

Your nice post can be anything you like, but please don’t feel any pressure to ‘spend money’ on your post. A postcard, a handwritten note, a full-blown letter, an autumn leaf, a sweet button you found in your stash or a photo of that cheerful-looking frog you met on your walk yesterday are all great.

#PostCircle isn’t designed to rack up huge costs in ‘gifts’ to others. If you choose to spend money on a cuddly zebra because you know someone in your group loves them, that’s wonderful and generous, but it is your choice and no one is under any pressure to match your spending. The idea is just to receive something thoughtful and lovely in the post on a regular basis, not to make yourself bankrupt. Remember that the cost of a stamp is a thought in itself!

#PostCircle is based in the UK and international members are more than welcome. We only place one international per group to keep postage costs down.

Please be patient with us! There may be a delay between you returning your survey and receiving your group details. This is because the #PostCircle team run this project in our (often little) spare time. We make no money from the project and allow it to grow because we want to bring more happiness to the world. We also have to wait for five more suitable people for every person who joins, so this can take a little time. Bear with us and we will find you a place.

Thank you,
Annee #PostCircle

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